A Commentary on Philemon
Despite its small size, the book of Philemon is quite colossal, theologically speaking. It instructs us on forgiveness and does so in a unique and practical way. And while it does this, it gently teaches on matters of equality, fellowship, edification and more. Only 25 verses long, it packs 25 chapters worth of divine guidance for us all. In this book, we will unpack these divinities so that we can think and behave more like our Lord, who is a forgiving God (Ex. 34:6-7). Written with an emphasis on fluid exposition, it is a commentary for those who don’t like commentaries.
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Tried and True
Painful Trials and Maturing Faith
In this study of James, you will be guided through 13 lessons on trials. Each lesson contains thought-provoking questions, verse-by-verse expositions, and plenty of space for taking notes. Eleven of the lessons focus on the characteristics of true faith and are intended to encourage you to walk in righteousness. You may participate in this study with a group or use it for personal study.
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